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It is our privilege to bring you the finest gold from the major mining corporations across the world. Our sources range from the African peninsular regions like Tanzania and Uganda, to the South American heartlands like Peru and Bolivia. We import gold dore bars from some of the world’s largest mining companies, conforming to the DGFT standards set by the Govt. of India. We add to the global precious metals market, offering world class services tailored for each of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors. Our clientele now spans from mining companies and jewelers to industrial corporations, commercial banks and governments.

At present we are a full-fledged corporation covering Precious Metals Refining services such as

  • Gold Refining
  • Spent X-Ray and Hypo-Fixer
  • Solution Silver Recycling
  • Gold Plating Electronic Components using the latest technology

Our Mission

At Bright Gold, we are the most precise and reliable Gold Refiner by continuously achieving operational excellence and delivering value - we want to be your Gold Refiner of preference.

With Bright Gold, we assured all our services would be certainly honest, reliable and quick for your precious metals. Our devotion is our greatest asset. Our vision is to serve our potential buyers with honesty, simplicity and loyalty.


We want to be the best, most accurate and reliable gold refiner.

❝These are testing times of our resilience. But by sustainably adapting and keeping our focus unaltered, progress would be a breeze to attain. Because together, we definitely can! ❞
Mr. Ashish Gupta ( CEO )

Bright Metal Refiners was established with an apparition to approach out as the leading refinery for the majority of precious metals in the globe.



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